Delivato offers everything you need in digital asset management and delivery process, focusing primarily on visuals. We provide the easiest way to organize, share and distribute your content from cloud.

Easy to Use Interface

With simple and clean interface, anybody can use Delivato. Easy drag & drop interactions, no large forms to manage your content.

Tag Based Category System

We have no folders or collections, you can simply tag your content like you do in your favorite social media platforms. Finding exactly what you need has never been easier.

Cloud Based

Your content is available from anywhere, at anytime. Forget storage maintanence costs and vulnerabilities,
Delivato is the safest place to keep your files.

Branded Portal & Emails

With variety of themes and styles, we make sure you look good in every page you generate and every e-mail you send.


You can use all Delivato features while you are uploading files. No hold backs.

Auto Resize & Formatting

We automatically resize and convert your big files and generate additional smaller versions, and provide a selection for download.


Delivato safeguards your company' s content with utmost protection, ensuring your confidential assets remain strictly locked away.

Asset Tracking

Know what your colleagues and clients are doing with your assets. Get live statistics data.

User Access Permission

You can limit what assets your clients can access with advanced permission settings.

Delivato in Action


How to organize with Delivato

Just drag & drop your files to upload. Create, edit and add relevant tags to your content, find exactly what you need with ease.

Watch how Delivato' s "Super Tagging" feature makes boring tasks fun!


Delivering assets with Delivato

Delivato gives you a profound mobility to create and share assets securely and swiftly.

Watch how Delivato's "Instant Share" feature sets your campaigns in motion right on time!


Getting client insights

Delivato helps you monitor client engagement through user activities, and lets you measure the productivity of your team & third parties.

Watch how Delivato's "Keep an Eye on" feature works!